An OLPC Kenya XO Project Challenge

An OLPC Kenya XO Project Challenge

Some good news. Sandra and Jane are organising a an XO club challenge to be held this year in Kisumu Kenya in August. We are excited. Eshibinga kids think they just have to win this. We have several projects we have been working on and we shall choose one of them and show case it to the other teams come August. here below are the rules of the challenge.
Your school team can be a winner of the “Kenya OLPC Showcase”.
Three winning projects will be selected to attend AMSTREF summer Science and Math camp and showcase your project.

Select a topic which has impact on your life and community. Use to XO laptop to research, record, document the issue and create a report. Explain the science behind the issue, and make recommendations for what action the community might take to improve or support this issue.
Projects will be rated on the quality of the report and its presentation. Also rated will be the full and creative use of XO Sugar Activities.

June 20th:
Send a single paragraph summary of the proposed project by email
• Selected Topic.
• What is the benefit to your community or school from the information or material you have put in this topic.
• How the topic will be presented and which Sugar Activities will be used.
July 25th:
The Final Projects Send by Email or use Dropbox for large files.

Three Projects Will be Selected Based on the following
• Educational and Community Impact of Your Information
• Creative use of the Sugar Activities
• Quality of the Material
Presentation: These can be done as Sugar Write Reports with photos and written research. Videos, Animation in Scratch or eToys, Fototoon. Songs or Poetry Recorded on the XO.
• Agriculture:Choose a crop, and learn about what it needs to grow in a healthy way, what are its nutritional benefits, how is it grown in your community. Are families and farmers able to receive income from growing this crop?
• EnvironmentWater: How efficiently is water used in your community. What are the problems with getting enough clean water?
• Trash: How does the trash thrown into the roadsides, streets, grass affect the environment.
• Health How does this disease affect your community: the economic, the social impact. Interview people in your community affected by these diseases, tell their story. Use the XO and Sugar activities.HIV/AIDs, Malaria, Jiggers


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I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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2 Responses to An OLPC Kenya XO Project Challenge

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  2. olivia says:

    Hi my name is Olivia and I’m telling you about Salisbury in Salisbury there is a lot of animals like deer and foxes. And there are a lot of different types of food. For example spaghetti! And this is how you make spaghetti–first you put the spaghetti in a pot of boiling water. Then you cook tomato sauce and meat together. Then when the spaghetti is done take the water out of the pot. Then combine the spaghetti and the sauce with the meat. Then you have spaghetti!

    And in Salisbury there is a trail called the ghost trail because the trail used to be a track for a train. Then the train crashed and everyone who was on the train died. And to this day people say it is haunted by ghosts of people who died in the crash from the train.
    In Salisbury there are a lot of fun places for example the beach. At the beach I like to swim in the ocean and go fishing! Once I almost caught a fish – it was a tuna. It got away.

    Lindsay lives near the ocean. She likes to jump over the waves. Makayla also lives near the beach. She can go swimming anytime, except in winter. She likes to ride the waves.

    Food they like is strawberries, chicken, broccoli and cheesecake. Cheesecake is made of soft cheese, milk, eggs, vanilla flavor mixed and then baked into a cake. Then we put strawberries, cherries or chocolate on the top. On the bottom is a crust of crackers. Today I read the stories about the Maasi and the story about Sydney.
    Me and the rest of the group (Lindsey and Makayla) thought of doing a fundraiser for you and we came up with two fundraisers. The first one was to donate some shoes. Then Lindsey and Makayla are putting on a play. And when people come they have to pay money to watch the play. Then we will donate it to your xo project.

    Well hope you had a fun time reading this.

    From your friend Olivia

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