The XO laptops are better than our teacher’s expensive laptop

The XO laptops are better than our teacher’s expensive laptop
We have been busy this week. Out teacher Mr. Amunga has been busy making a video of Sydney and his story on Xo and his family. Meanwhile he left us to browse the internet using our xo laptops. He also left something behind for us to examine carefully. His, dell laptop.
We just discovered that adults like using and buying big expensive laptops that are different from our xo laptops.. But we think our xo is more intelligent and a better computer than Mr. Amunga’s Dell laptop. First we discovered that XO laptops (from OLPC) do not need Internet cables. They only connect wirelessly and don’t even have a place to plug in an Internet cable. You just need 2 wires to connect the appropriate type of modem to your Internet coming from the town and then to connect a wireless router to the modem.
That is: Internet —- Modem —— Router )))))) wireless (((((( XO laptops. Plan to have the router somewhere inside the classroom. The wireless signal does go through walls, but it is weakened by the wall. You may be able to use the laptops on the Internet outside of the classroom, too.

Electric power should not be a problemto us as it is to Mr. Amunga’s Dell Laptop. . The xo’s can work for hours on their battery alone, which they can recharge from the solar power during the day, or indefinitely while they have solar power coming in. It may only be a problem if you have many days of dark weather, actually an xo in Eshibinga uses less power than our teacher’s Dell laptop computer.

Finally, xo’s have a software called Sugar. It is good for children aged 6 to 12 years old. We got to read about Sugar here: This is a good manual to start with: It explains how to set up the network, too. Every kid in Africa will love sugar. It has activities just ment for us. Can you imagine, Mr. Amunga’s dell laptop is very expensive? Yet it does not have sugar. How do these adults work on computers that have no sugar? I just sympathise with them…
Washington Anindo.
Eshibinga primary School


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