The Bicycle project and xo s

Early this year, Sandra visited our school. She brought us four more xo laptos and soap. When she left we were happy to see 10 new bicycles arrive at our school. We were told 8 of the bikes were ours. Two were to be sent to another xo project in Uganda. We loved the bikes. Everyone wanted to have one to himself or herself. But it could not happen. We are forty in our class. After consultations we agreed. Teacher jack will keep one.Five of our bikes were to be refurbished so that they could be used as bicycle taxis. In our village we have a booming business called ” Boda Boda” Boda boda is simply bicycle taxi. A bicycle taxi must have a carrier where the passenger sits. Then it needs a strong rider who can carry his weight and that of his passenger. None of us in our class is that strong. Only Washington has some muscles,but he cannot lift a big bunch of bananas.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, we took the bicycles to a bike repairer at Eshibinga market. he fitted them with carriers. Then we got our teacher to talk to some local guys to hire the bikes for a fee. They give us 100 shillings everday to use our bikes.
We intend to use that money to charge our xos. Our school has no electricity. Then we also want to use that money to buy airtime. Airtime is like what we buy to use on the modem which allows us to connect ot the internet. So you see.
We are in business.
I did not mention the other two bikes. We keep them at school. We use them to play and ride round the school. We are now the envey of other kids in our school. We do not only work and use computers. We also ride bicycles. And that is not all. We make some coins too. We love this project. The XOs.
Eshibinga Primary School.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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