On behalf of the Kenya schools drama festivals let me appreciate your efforts. Your idea of sponsoring a category that encourages use of IT, e learning and use of XO laptops has been well received so far. As i write this report we are in day six of the festival. The Kenya schools and colleges drama festivals is a festival held annually in Kenya. It brings together over 3,000 teachers and students to watch and present productions on stage. The productions can have various themes. Various sponsors sponsor the event with a view of marketing their ideas, products etc. The Drama stage is an effective place to sell your ideas to Kenyan pupils, students and teachers. So far this is what has been happening.
DAY 1 10th April 2012
1. We received USD 100 dollars from Jane to support the print of certificates and honorarium for the adjudicators who will participate in the xo sponsored category. .
2. We arranged for certificates to be printed at the Western printers in Kakamega town.
3. Festival kicked of at 2 halls. Kakamega high school and Mukumu Girls. The adjudicators arrived on time.
4. Several items were staged on both stages with various themes. Only 2 schools presented items with the theme Xos and Laptops. Both Items were staged at Mukumu girls hall.
5. First to Present was Westlands primary which had a narrative that sought to educate by comparing a TV and an xo laptop. The narration ends with admonishing kids who spent most of their time in front of TV to change focus and try a laptop instead.
6. The second item that was performed was a solo verse from Eastern province. The school was called Makutano AIC boarding. It was about children who were requesting to be given freedom. The solo verse advvices the best freedom to give a child is an xo laptop. It will open the child world. It gives the child wings to fly. The verse was titled Wings to fly.
7. The two schools that presented on the theme sponsored by Jane were given a snack for lunch. Bread and soda.

DAY 2 11th April 2012
1. Day begun early. Loresho Primary school from Nairobi province presented ‘Pauwa’ This was an African traditional dance that depicted how children living in urban areas have lost there playing grounds to land grabbers and corruption that is fife in Kenya. The dance ends by telling childen in urban centers to turn to computers for entertainment, fun and learning. They dance round the stage happily when a sponsor gives each of them an xo laptop. A lovely dance choreographed by Henry Njenga and Dorcas Nyaga. My personal feeling this dance may win the overal trophy sponsored by Malaika Foundation and Jane. Unfortunately this is the only Item we saw that had the xo computers theme.
DAY 3 13TH APRIL 2012
1. We were so happy to see a play from Carol Academy. It was called ‘We are Family’ The plat depicts the hurdles that pupils go thru in the current curriculum that embraces mean score and is very examination oriented. We saw how Kenyan education system has changed Kenyan children into robots. To change this the play advices that Kenya government should introduce computers and e- learning in schools. One actor said, with a lap top i can miss school and still get to learn what the teacher taught and even do my homework.

2. Eshibinga Primary, my school, I have a soft spot for them brought a choral verse written and directed by Peter Amunga. Title ‘Created to be Free but everywhere in chains’ It is about the culture in Kenyan schools where when a school get a computer, they lock up the computer in the headmaster’s office or Library and kids are not allowed to use the computer because they may break it or spoil it. The verse says a computer was made to be free and to bring freedom to all. The advice that the best computer for the kids is the XO, it child friendly, does not get viruses… easy to carry . I hope we win
DAY 4 14TH APRIL 2012
1. The certificates were delivered to us. They shall be awarded to all the participants who participated in this drama festival and presented an item with a theme on computers, E- learning and Use of XOs in schools.
2. A solo verse was presented by Riperbi Academy from Coast Province. It was titled ‘ My Doll’ The reciter talks of her new found doll being her xo laptop. She had one on stage. She said it does everything her other doll does.

The festival is still on going. It takes about ten days. We shall update you on all that is happening.
Thank you for making this possible and for reading.


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