OLPC KENYA ALLIANCE 2012 Kenyan Ministry of Education

Greetings friends,

For those of you who have not had a report on the meeting that was setup for us by the Assistant. Minister of Education Calist Mwatela with the Kenyan Institute for Education eLearning team. He asked us to meet with them so that we could learn about what the ministry is doing for eLearning in Primary school, but he also facilitated a relationship with them for us, to be part of their eLearning strategy.

Attending this meeting were our group’s Nairobi contigent: Mark Koech, Krys Kakoba, Oscar Limoke, Sandra Thaxter, Festus Boli (brother of the minister). Tonny Omwansa was unable to attend.

So now that we are taken seriously, We will need to follow-up. The steps we have all ready proposed for our alliance, OLPC Kenya, are the right steps. The highlights of these proposals has been sent, but will be posted for the entire olpc-kenya google group.

A meeting is proposed for February 9th again with the KIE contacts.
• Oscar, Krys and Mark will confirm, and get an XO or a CD or both to John before the meeting.
• We will meet Sunday at the airport before I leave to review the strategy for this meeting and the KIE relationship. It would be great if Shedrack could be available to join you at this meeting, as he already has a relationship with these groups.
On the Agenda for the Feb. 19th Skpye meeting
• Review role and proposed assignments.
• Website planning… with John Valent. How do we make this a really professional, and informative site for those wanting and overview of OLPC Kenya
• Planning for an OLPC Project Competition to be launched during February.
• Follow-up contact: Shedrack has contacts at the National IT Innovation and Research Institute Bernard Sang. We need to fit this group into the big picture, with Shedrack’s direction.

Eric Krystall, my host for the last two days, is a principal person in Kenya Rotary. He will invite one of the Nairobi members to do a presentation on OLPC XO Kenya programs, to partner with them to launch and fund some new programs. He has your contact info.

We have some proposed roles for everyone to agree to which are noted in the attached spreadsheet of our members – all of you who have participated in building this movement.

Sandra Thaxter


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2 Responses to OLPC KENYA ALLIANCE 2012 Kenyan Ministry of Education

  1. Gonzalo Odiard says:

    We have a new Kinyarwanda wikipedia activity http://activities.sugarlabs.org/es-ES/sugar/addon/4532. If you need a wiki activity in other language, can contact me.

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