Christmas Gifts came in the form of new xo’s and 8 Bikes

Just around the time Sandra arrived at our school to check on us and encourage us, we received more good news. Friends of Sandra and Jane had raised some money and collected second bicycles and shipped them to us. Our school received 8 bicycles.
We are planning a great ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the bike.
Two days ago we had a discussion as a class on what we will do with the bikes. We have around 30 pupils in the xo class. We all cannot get a bike each. So we have to share.
We have our youthful teacher, Mr. Jackson. We all feel he can get a bike to help him come to school every morning. Jackson also comes to school over the weekends to open the computer room for us to use. We don’t want him to come late. So it is decided. One bike goes to Jack.
We feel we can have four bikes used by kids in our group on rotational basis. This is how we plan to do it.
Every week four new guys will get to use the bikes. But we shall keep the bikes in Mr. Amunga’s house for safe keeping.
The other three bikes, we plan to rent them to boda boda riders. Boda boda is a bicycle taxi that is very popular in our area.
We shall ask the boda boda riders to pay us Ksh. 50 per day. Each day we can raise Ksh. 150 which is about 2 dollars. We can use that money to charge our xo laptops and repair our bikes.
What do you think?


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2 Responses to Christmas Gifts came in the form of new xo’s and 8 Bikes

  1. Jane Wanja says:

    I am beyond myself to hear the bikes are home!! The XO community is fast growing~ I am so proud of the Eshibinga community… you celebrate the arrival of bikes and XO…spare me the GIZZARD!!!! . I dare say the gizzard in the land of chicken!

  2. kevix says:

    it sounds like you have a great idea to be business people, to know that you can share your bike and use it to help you with school and with bike repair.

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