Eshibinga Jiggers Research Project XO Club Activity

Eshibinga Jiggers Research Project XO Club Activity
What Kids Said About Them

On 16th and 17th January 2012, Sandra our visitor from the USA and founder of small solutions big ideas organization took time to talk and interview the Eshibinga primary school pupils on the jigger menace. The pupils went out and interviewed several villagers and school mates on the jigger infestation in the area. They came back and reported to Sandra what they had found out. Here are their findings.
They are parasites and feed on our blood.
They make our lives unhealthy
They bite our legs
They are white and make me feel uncomfortable
They hop from one leg to another.
Jiggers kill people
They are found in latrines that are dirty
They are round and disturb many people
They are a small white insect, and crawl around to other places
They make it hard for the person affected to work.
They are found in dirty places
They lay eggs in your feet.
The can be controlled by cleaning the environment.
Homes without cement floors have jiggers.
You must remove jiggers from your feet or hands by using a needle, burn it and dig out the jigger.
To avoid jiggers, stay clean, clean latrines and wash your feet and then put them in “deep”.
Jiggers are in our school yard, but we cannot see them.
If we had shoes we would not get jiggers.
They hide in dirty nails, so keep your nails short.
The school doesn’t have the money to spray and even water the school yard to reduce the danger of jiggers.
If you have jiggers, you feel ashamed. Jiggers affect your school work.
Jiggers affect general health.
Some children have deformed legs or are lame from jiggers.
They can spread to your whole body.


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