Wow! We have no words. On 12th January 2012 the director of Small solutions big ideas inc, Sandra arrived in Eshibinga to assess the achievements so far of the xo laptops. We had been anticipating her arrival. She did not disappoint. She had with her four new xo laptops to add on the 4 we already had. She had some gifts for the Eshibinga kids. But more so she came with one Oscar. An IT wizard who was set to take the kids through a new activity on the xo’s. Mapping.
Sandra Thaxter was born in 1943 and currently live in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She is the founder of the small solutions big ideas organization. But when you look at Sandra you may be mistaken to think she is in mid forties. After her arrival in Eshibinga, she took time to meet the teachers, the school administration and members of the Eshibinga Computer club who are the recipients of the xo laptops. She worked with the kids for over four hours. Despite all the traveling and teaching she worked through the night working on her blogs and emails. Amazing. Below we just wish to quote some of her tweets and observations.
Sandra was excited by the IT kids at Eshibinga primary school. The pupils are eager to learn, creative, innovative and have a good command of the English Language. Oscar who was teaching the Mapping activity commented the kids for thier prowess in IT skills and ability to think and create maps. As we walked into the school one ting that touched Sandra’s heart was this student, John. John like most of the kids in Ershibinga come to school bare foot. But John’s case is different. His feet are infested with jiggers. Sandra wondered out aloud. ” How can we help him? How does he sleep? Isn’t he in great pain?” We had no immediate answers to her questions. Later that night Sandra wrote onher blog,

“ Greetings Kenyan Friends of OLPC,

I am now in Kenya. I will spend the first part of January in
western Kenya, and then the second down in the Taita Hills area. In
between I will have some time in Nairobi to meet with those of you in
Nairobi. I wanted to visit the Usahidi innovation center. Would
anyone like to meet me there maybe tomorrow Thursday???.

If you would like to get on my schedule, please contact me, phone
(0707 280 559) or email. I’d like to meet some of you and see what we
can do together to improve the collaboration between OLPC sites and to
gain more visibility for our programs.

Email is also a good way to contact me.

We have an OLPC group meeting on Jan 15th at Kisumu Girls school for
those of you near Kisumu, please email me of your interest.

Sincerely yours, Sandra.

Kenya is beautiful, this year so green and the sun is bright!!
To tell the story we have loaded several photos. Hope you will enjoy.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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  1. jwanjab says:

    Great job Eshibinga TEAM! Sandra and Peter you are amazing~keep up the spirit!

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