Xo laptops enhance E-pals project in eshibinga.

The last one month has been very busy for the pupils at Eshibinga Primary. The xo laptops have opened a new window of opportunity. Linking or school twining. The kids are able to link up with kids from schools in the USA. Below is a sample of an email exchange between a pupil in Eshibinga Primary Kenya and a pupil in the USA.
I have several challenges when connecting my students with students in other parts of the world. For example. One of my pupils could not understand why people in the USA have a holiday called Halloween where they dress up like witches. You can read her worry here below.

From: Mercedes P
To: lauriereshibinga@epals.com
Date: 2011-Oct-26 18:59:04
Subject: Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Mercedes and I am a girl. It’s a pleasure to meet you! Well, to start off I’m gonna tell you a little about myself. I got to a elementary school, from grades kindergarten to sixth grade, and I am in fifth grade. My favorite colors are orange, and green. Also my favorite hobbies are shopping, showing dogs, swimming, the computer, and hanging out with friends. What do you like to do? I live in the United states, in Pennsylvania. In the United states, we celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Hannukkah, Thanksgiving, and Easter. On Christmas, we get presents, make food, and spend time with our family, and it also snows! Snow is white soft stuff. On Halloween, you dress up like withches and we want to scare people wearing masks, and go out at night and get candy from other people. On Hannukkah, you light candles for eight days. On Valentine day, you give chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and other stuff to somebody you love. On Easter, you get candy and sometimes maybe something special. Then, on Thanksgiving, we have a HUGE feast with turkey, dessert, and other foods. What do you celebrate in your culture? Well, this holidays are fun, and I bet you have very fun holidays in your culture too! I have a lot of animals too! I have 11 dogs, one bunny, one guinea pig, 3 cats, 1 horse, 2 snakes, 1 hermit crab, and 1 fish. Do you have any pets? Then I will tell you about my family. I have a mom and a dad, along with my 4-5 sisters, and one nephew. Then I have uncles, aunts, grandpops, grandmoms, and cousins. Who do you have in your family? Last, the weather here is nice, cool, and crisp. The air smells like food, and flowers. Since its fall in Pennsylvania, the leaves are turn hard and crisp, and falling off trees. They are also changing into magnificent, and beautiful colors! They change to brown, red, orange, green ish black, and other pretty colors you can think of! I’m also ten years old. How old are you? When I grow up, I want to make and design cakes! what would you like to be? Hopefully you can right back soon! Mercedes
Dear Merceeedes,
Hello My name is Laurier. I live in Kenya Africa. I am a girl. I go to Eshibinga primary School. I am a Christian. You did not mention your church? Do you go to church?
We study English, Maths, social studies and Swahili. . My best teacher is Mr Jackson. I have had a good time reading your introduction letter. I am a member of the Kenya Girl Guides association. The Girl guides are similar to the boy scout movement. in our school. Right now we are working on a project to help children who have jiggers in their feet. Do you know what is a jigger? It is a small insect that disturbs your feet. I was so shocked that you have a holiday called Halloween where you act like withces? Gosh! Here in Africa we do not celebrate withces. They are very bad people. They bewitch us and put small animals in our stomachs. I heard of a story where a witch placed a cockerel in somebody’s stomach. Every morning at six it could be heard crowing in his stomach. We hate withces and night runners.
Do you wear uniform in your school ? In our school we wear uniform and if so what is the color of yopur uniform., how does it look like? . Write back and let me know your interests and future plans. What do you want to be when you finish school?

Bye for now.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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