During the last two month we have been very busy. The pupils at Eshibinga have been trying to link up with other pupils in a school in OHIO. USA. I will not mention the name of the school yet because I have to seek permission from them to publish them on thios blog. But I saw I need to share with you how the XO laptops are now helping us become global citizens.
One of our sponsors, Jane, purchased a modem and internet subscription for my class for one month. It cost her about Ksh. 7000. loosely 100 US dollars. There after I was able to introduce the browse activity on our xo laptops. This means the pupils were able to connect their xo laptops to the internet. I got to a trusted student friendly website, that connects classrooms world wide. It is the famous http://www.epals.com As soon as this connection was made, I was alowed by the webmaster to set up student email accounts. Each kid in my class got an email address for the first time. It is a monitored email account which has to be monitored by the teacher in charge. the students were able to search for a school to link up with. We did this by going to Soon afterwards we got a response from a school in OHIO. I have been watching my students type on their xo laptops emails to and from their counmterparts in OHio. Reading their emails you get to see how internet and technology is the key to opening up this rural part of the world. The pupils have no idea what is Ohio state? They have been scanning their school atlas looking for a country called OHIO. They ask many questions about it? Things I take for granted, are very complicated here in rural Kenya. Below find one of the emails from my pupil to a pen pal in OHhio.

Dear Richard heather,
My name is Tilda Otianga,
I am 13 years old. I’m a girl. I was born in Eshibinga Village in Africa.
I have got five brothers. My elder brother is called Anthony. He’s 17 years old. I live with my grandparents with other orphans. my parents died when I was very young. My parents were called John and Florence. I like football, music, box … i am fond of helping students in my school who have jiggers. We have a club which uses computer to stop jiggers from entering our feet. I also like and playing on the computer. I like record activity and write. People say I am nice, intelligent … I don’t like people who are nasty, liars, and crazy.
You told me that your eyes are green? Are you ok? I have never seen anyone with green eyes? How did you get green eyes? do u practice magic? I want to see your eyes to be sure they are real? uh? Here everybody has black eyes. My hair is black. It is long and straight.
Eshibinga is a village with no good roads, or running water. It is in the rural side of Kenya. Tell me more about OHIO. Is OHIO a country like Kenya or a city like NAIROBI? Have you seen BARAK OBAMA. I live here with his grand ma too. Send a picture of u. Please let me see those green eyes in the picture.
Thank you.

Now you can see what technology does. This morning, I am trying to explain to my class, why some people in Europe and America have green or blue eyes.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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