Why I want my personal xo laptop

Why I want my personal laptop
By Sydney Ashioya.
Hello everyone. Last week we got the good news. Our class is soon going to get two more computers. That is great news because we are a class of 40 kids and and increasing at an alarming rate. We have had only two comps for the last five months. The 2 comps have helped us learn most of the computer basics, writing, recording, games, music, etc etc. Recording activity was my favorite. When I grow up I want to be a photo journalist.
Our dream as a class is to have each kid own his or her own laptop. I think the reason why we need more laptops in Eshibinga is to avoid overcrowding around the 2 comps that we have. I think a computer has a private face. As much as computers do lots of public work, but I think and I stand to be corrected, that a computer is also personal. The reason I am saying this is because I have some personal matters in my life which I have typd and recorded on one of the laptop. It is no secret here in Eshibinga that my dad has been living with HIV AIDS. My mother died three years ago as a result of the same sickness. We are now a family of five. I am the first born and I am only 15 years old. Daddy is bed ridden and so many times I have to carry out all the house duties. Recently daddy called me by his bedside and he wanted to give me advice, and just give me a pep talk. For me, moments like that are important. Dad is soon going to heaven, so the doctors say. He does not have long to live. Every word he tells me is important. Every smile he gives me is precious, every prayer he makes for me and my three other siblings is memorable. After learning about the recording activity on the xo laptop, I asked Mr. Amunga to give it to me to go with it home. I sat my dad under his favourite tree. And I recorded his voice, his smile his face. Later I realized that what I had recorded was so important. I don’t want it erased. It may be the only chance for my three sisters and I to hear and see our dad in future.
The advice dad was gave was very personal and very private. I don’t want my classmates to read watch or see the recording I made on the xo laptop. Neither do I want it erased. What do I do? Yesterday teacher announced that will get two more laptops. I want to talk to him to give me this particular one for keeps. It has the face of my dad, my history, my roots. I need to keep this recordings. They are too personal, too private, too precious. A computer has two faces the private and the public.


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  3. Rudy Godoy says:

    Sydney, that’s correct and also what I’ve observed when visiting a public school in south Peru. Hope you find the way to keep such digital pieces of your family’s history safe! Best.

    You can find the story here:

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