The project targets 4000 children in Eshibinga village. These children
are supposed to be going to the local primary school, called Eshibinga
Primary School. However many of them do not go to school for fear of
ridicule and inability to walk many miles to school. We intend to use
XO laptop technology which we acquired from The Small Solutions Big
Ideas organization. The same children will use the child friendly
laptops known as XOs (which have inbuilt cameras, recording and
internet facilities) to raise awareness through community education,
home spraying, providing shoes, and managing the infested. This will
improve their health status and promote school attendance.
What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Eshibinga is rural village in Western Kenya. It boasts of a wet
climate, friendly people and breathtaking sights of hills, valleys and
the famous river Yala passes through this village. It also is one of
the high burden areas as far as jigger infestation is concerned. 10 of
every 100 homesteads are affected with 4 of them highly infested.
Many people especially the young and the old, have been rendered
immobile and unproductive as they cannot attend school or even work.
How will this project solve this problem?
The project will adopt a multi-faceted approach that will include
using XO s to share information and dig the internet for solutions,
organize health and hygiene education workshops and trainings to all
pupils and community members in the school and village. The project
will also seek to find protection of the host from the jigger by
providing shoes; fumigation of houses; jigger treatment campaigns;
training of community health workers. To achieve these, the project
will need to raise funds, ensure internet connection and invite social
and health workers to visit the village.
Potential Long Term Impact
Long-term impact includes improved health status and quality of life;
reduction of HIV/AIDS incidences; improved productivity; improved
educational status (literacy);
Project Message
Initially everyone thought I was bewitched, and abandoned me in my hut
to die. But when my classmates came to my fathers home and treated
me, I realized that jiggers were not a curse.
– Otundo, 14 year old boy from Eshibinga.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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