News about Jiggers in kenya

World beauty queens continue arriving in Kenya to help in jigger eradication.
This was the case in Mathira when top models led by reigning Miss World Alexandria Mills from the US joined other campaigners to wash the feet of, and help remove jiggers from about 2,000 victims.
Other beauty queens at Ragati Primary School in Nyeri County were reigning Miss Kenya Natasha Metto, Ms Emma Wareus from Botswana and Miss Venezuela, Vanessa Goncalves.
They took time off the catwalk to get first-hand experience of a problem that threatens to shatter the dreams of poor children, many as young as two years.
Praised Kenyans
The reigning Miss World said she was honoured to make a difference, and praised Kenyans for their willingness to help the poor.
The anti-jigger campaign is spearheaded by Ahadi Kenya Trust and more than 60 organisations and well-wishers who have put resources to fight the menace.
“This is absolutely amazing. It’s inspirational to see people wanting to help the less privileged. I urge us not to relent,” said Ms Mills.
The victims, mainly children, had their feet cleaned, and were given shoes by the sponsors.


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