Why The xo laptop project is doing well here

It is over two months now since we introduced the XO laptops here in Eshibinga. The project is doing well. The kids love it. Some of the teachers are skeptical. They say in English, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But they also say, new brooms sweep better than old brooms. The young people of Eshibinga are the future of Eshibinga. They need skills, they need information, they need direction. The only thing that will fish this village from the deep waters of poverty is information. When I read the November Issue of the TIME magazine which stated that the Xo laptop is the a major invention that may just change the world I agreed one hundred percent. The more I work with these village kids the more I see the sense of that statement.
It is one thing to sit on the confort of your coach and play with the remote in your hands and occasionally gaze at your laptop. For these kids, the xo is the only piece of technology they own. They respect it. It takes photos, it types, it records them, it talks back to them, it searches for new words and there meanings. It is everything. Recently, I was coming back to the school from charging the battery of the XO laptops. It rained so hard. The motor bike (Bodaboda taxi) that was carrying me got stuck in the mud. We waited for the rain to subside for about 2 hours sheltering ourselves under a tree. Thunder and lighting flashing across the sky. The kids who were still waiting for me at the school to come back with their precious little green laptops, decided to walk down the road. about five Kilometers, to come and fetch me. I was so moved. So touched. This it! This is real!
Let me thank the people who are working hard, raising funds and making this project click. You may have no idea of what you are doing, until you come to this village. Eshibinga.
Peter Amunga


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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  1. Bridgit says:

    When we walked down the road,to meet our teacher, it had rainned so hard. We had umbrellas and rain coats. W found him shaking under the cold. We gave him a sweater and we took the laptops from him. They were still warm after the charging. We walked back to school. It was an interesting experience.

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