Why our English is improving

The Objectives of our laptop project was to try and use the xo laptops to improve the writing and use of English language in a rural Kenyan school. We are now starting to see the success. The 20 pupils who are actively involved in this project have posted very high marks in their English exam.
From My Vantage point as the teacher of English and Deputy principal at Eshibinga Primary school, I can say that the activities contained in the xo laptops are child friendly, learner friendly and encourage use of the English Language. First and foremost, after the training we were given some three weeks ago on how to use and handle the xo we discovered that there is wikipedia encyclopedia in the laptop. Pupils are now able to check for words and ideas from the wikipedia. The writing activity in the xo is another tool that guides the child step by step in writing and making out English sentences.
My biggest challenge for now is the lack of enough xo s to train our kids with. C hears to the inventor of the xo laptops.
Mr. David
Deputy Head teacher
Eshibinga Primary.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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2 Responses to Why our English is improving

  1. Filceolaire says:

    I’m glad your students like Wikipedia – I’ve done a little editting there sometimes. Do they only use the English language Wikipedia or have they found the versions in other languages too? Unfortunately English Wikipedia doesn’t have any information on Ebishinga yet – maybe your students can contribute something? Some photos would be nice.

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