When Fred Juma came calling

Two weeks ago, the Eshibinga IT kids had a wonderful training. The training was organised and sponsored by Sandra, an official in the OLPC project. Sandra on the request of Mr Peter and Mrs Jane, organised to have Fred Juma from an OLPC funded project in Bungoma (About 60 Kilometers away from Eshibinga) to come and train the kids and tour teachers on how to handle, use and maintain an OLPC xo laptop.
The two day training workshop, begun with all the pupils meeting in standard six B. In this room we were introduced to Fred Juma and his assitant. The two men then put us into five groups. They then gave each group an xo laptop. From then on, it was business. We were trained on six activities which before this training we did not know existed. An xo laptop is equipped with all that a pupil in a Kenyan school like me needs. We have activities like
Write activity,
Chat activity,
Draw and paint activity
Record activity
and many others.
Fred Juma took us through all those activities. By the end of the two day seminar, we were able to use a computer, to chat, type, record sound, record video, calculate maths, play music, compose music and above all, save and take our own photos and videos. It was so interesting.
We love the xo laptop project.
We hope it continues forever.
Yours truly


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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