village gang assumes that xo laptops are toys.

This will amuse all of you,
Since we do not have electricity at our school the xo laptops have to be charged at a nearby market center.. Mr. Amunga is the teacher who trains us with the laptops and he travels to Khumusalaba or Kisumu city everyday to charge the battery of the laptops. Recently, Mr Amunga traveled to Kisumu city to charge the laptops, write reports and see his family. On his way back, he arrived at the bus stop late. 10pm to be precise. 10 pm in Eshibinga village is very late in the night because lack of lighting makes people sleep early. Only three types of people move around in the village past 9pm. Thugs, local policeman and stray dogs. So Mr. Amunga was very late according to village standards. He stopped at a place called Khumusalaba bus stop and called a motorcyclist taxi to come and ferry him to his house in Eshibinga. It is 6 kilometers from Khumusalaba to Eshibinga. Now, picture this, it is raining with thunder storms, the roads are muddy and our beloved teacher is riding on a motorcycle swaying to the left and right clutching a bag. The bag contained our two xo laptops and his HP COMPAC laptop. Suddenly five thugs stopped the bike. Mr. Amunga was ordered to surrender the bag. The thugs checked the bag and picked his laptop and mobile phone. The examined the two xo laptops and threw them back to him.
“Next time you buy toys for your children come back home early” one of the thugs told him. With that they disappeared into the darkness.
We are sorry teacher lost his cell phone and HP laptop, but we are glad the thugs spared his life and our XO laptops assuming they were toys.


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I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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