Reports. One month since we received the OLPC laptops


We received an email from our patron Mrs Jane Gakinya sometime in December 2010 that her proposal to the OLPC foundation to provide Eshibinga Primary school with laptops had been approved. She also gave us guidelines on what was needed. Soon after we set up a committee comprising of teachers who were to oversee the initial preparation and setting up of a classroom and activities that needed to be done. The school has 12 classrooms. We also did identify class six as the class that we were going to use to pilot the program. We then selected 30 pupils to join and pilot the OLPC project.

Arrival of the Laptops:
Two laptops were shipped to Kenya and were received at Eshibinga Primary school on 15th March 2011. The principal of the school Mr. Julius Mbaye did record in the school inventory and then passed them to the Computer committee led by Mr. peter Amunga. On the same day the laptops were shown to the thirty pupils members of the computer class. The pupils did take a photo with the laptops. The photo is attached to this report.
Progress so far:
Since 15th March to today 15th April we have had the laptops for one month. In the past month we have been able to do the following.
1. Computer Terminologies: We have been able to get each pupil learn basic computer terms like, keyboard, mouse, flash disk, internet, email, website, blog, facebook.
2. Use Keyboard: We have been able to teach each child to use the keyboard. Mainly the kids are now comfortable with using the alphabet, the various keys like, enter, erase, shift, alt, space bar, enter key, erase key, shift, alt, page up and page down, esc. Etc.
3. Opening and shutting down a computer: We took considerable time to teach the pupils on how to start a computer and search for a file or a document. Open a document and how to shut down a comp.
4. Internet: This week and the next few weeks we want to teach them on the internet, writing an email, blogging, and simple internet tips.

Since the arrival and inception of the laptops we have faced the following challenges.
1. Electricity: Eshibinga school is a rural school. Sometime back the World Bank in conjunction with Kenya government embarked on a rural electrification program. Electric poles and transformers were brought to Eshibinga under that project. The conditions for connecting to the grid were that a consumer was to pay 35,000 kenya shillings and also do personal wiring of his building. The parents at the school have been defeated to raise this money. That means we have to keep re-charging the laptops at a market which is 3 kilometers away. We are charged Ksh. 100 per every session of charging.
2. Training: The xo laptops have unique features not found on other customary laptops. The teachers needed to be trained on the use of the green laptops
3. Software: The laptops need to be installed and updated with softwares that can make the running and teaching of computer classes. We also need to purchase relevant software that instructs on Kenyan system of education. The Kenya Institute of Education has software that carry lesson, plans, notes, lectures and pictures/ drawings etc that we need if we have to succeed in our objectives. We also need to fit the laptops with anti virus to protect them
4. Number of pupils: We have 30 pilot students. Others are on the waiting list. A complete class is 45 students. It is a great challenge when we have only two laptops for thirty children.

Way forward.
To assist us achieve our goals with the OLPC program then we need to do the following
1. Have electricity fixed in our computer classroom.
2. Have a training in the near future. We have talked to one Fred, who lives near our school and who has been using XO laptops for some time now. He has accepted to come and train. We need some funding to facilitate this.
3. We need to secure some funding to buy software and to update our laptops
4. We need to apply for more green laptops from the OLPC foundation.

We are happy tht we have already begun the OLPC program at Eshibinga and we look forward to working with you all to make it a success. We have attached photos to this report to show you how we are progressing. We also have set up a blog/website which gives updates and reports on what we do everyday.
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