Bare feet comp wizards

The Bare feet IT Kids of Eshibinga
What amazes me is the fact that these kids come to school bare feet. ESHIBINGA IS A VILLAGE near River Yala. A river that pours its water into the Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water Lake in the world. That means, river Yala is a tributary to the great river Nile.
Now, Eshibinga is infested with jiggers. Jiggers are worm like animals that enter the deet of human beings and make it very hard, infact impossible to walk. We also have thorn trees, acacia trees, and other poisonous trees. The point is, if this was anywhere else in the world, then walking bare feet would be ruled out. But that is not the case. Today as I worked with children of Eshibinga helping them write letters to their penpals and teaching them t type on a computer I couldn’t help notice, that the kids had no shoes.
Washington works in class bare feet.
I have linked the Kids of Eshibinga primary with a school in South Dakota called Martin Grade Elementary. The Eshibinga kids are good in English. Some have good handwriting, as Gail Winter the teacher at Marting Grade will notice. What the Teacher at Marting Grade, Mrs Gail winter will not notice, is that these kids are so poor. They have never put on shoes. They saw a computer for the first time last month when a donor in the USA send them two xo laptops. An interesting world we live in.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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