The Head Teacher made an announcement.

This week on Monday Parade at Eshibinga Primary the Headteacher Mr. Julius Mbaye made an announcement. Every child in the school is supposed to bring Ksh. 50 (about half a dollar) to school by May. He said, only those who would have paid this money will be able to study and use computers in our school.The money is to be used in buying wires, sockets, bulbs and pay for electric, bills and expertise to wire one of the classrooms and turn into a computer room.
Now, just to bring you to date, the green laptops have finally arrived in Eshibinga. Everyone was excited. The computers are small. Some pupils thought they were toy computers. So, when the teacher turned them on, we discovered, they were not toys. They were actually computers. They operate and have functions like the HP laptop that Mr. Amunga came with. But this green laptops are more child friendly. The colours are nice green and white, the screen is lovely. Then, to everyone’s amazement, they are hardy, not as delicate as the HP. But we discovered that the teachers were not comfortable using them. Several functions seemed new to them. Suddenly the ran out of power. They needed to be recharged. Early this year, Kenya Power and Lighting board, connected our school to the national HEP grid. But since then we still do not have electricity in our school because we have not installed the switches, the sockets, the plugs etc. To do so the school needs about Kenya shillings 50,000. The school does not have that kind of money. That is what led to the announcement on school parade this week. That every child will bring Ksh 50 by May.
In this part of the world, where people live on less than a dollar in a week, one wonders if each child can raise 50 shillings by May 2011. Personally, my father sells baskets and mats at the market. His monthly profit is 750 shillings. That money has to feed a family of seven, clothe us and take care of our medical bills. I highly doubt if my dad will see the sense of paying an extra 50 bob, so that his daughter (me) can have access to computers.
The head teacher made an announcement that locks most of us out of computer literacy classes.
Rose Anyanzwa.


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  1. Is this for real surely? Living on less than a dollar a week!!! God have mercy on my village…If what u sayin is for real then u surely deserve some assistance girl.It’s painful to hear that for sure…

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