The xo laptops arrived safely

We are in March.
During this month we were so happy to receive the XO laptops. Two pieces landed in our capital city of Nairobi and Mr Amunga went to receive them. When I arrived at Eshibinga school, the boys ran out of class to see how the laptops look like.
They thought they would be as complicated as my HP laptop. They were in for a surprise. The were small green laptops equipped with things they love. The only thing missing was an internet connection.
This Wednesday we plan to set up a section in class where the laptops would be kept and used.
Teachers too are excited. They all wanted a share of the machines. I noted that the laptops are special. We need a proper training on how to use them.
Someone by the name Fred who has xo laptops and lives around our village will son come to our school for a training on the same.
Thank you Sandra and Jane for making this dream come true.

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About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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