A daughter for a cow.

We have been awakened to a very sad thing here in Eshibinga village. During dry seasons like now, many rural and poor families have no food. And so this is what they do. They approach a rich family that has cows and money. They then exchange their daughter for a cow. The poster shown here is no joke. It has been widely distributed in a number of Kenyan schools including Eshibinga. The government printed the posters in an effort to discourage locals from trading their daughters for livestock.
What happens to a young girl in this situation? If she was fortunate enough to be in school, she is pulled out, never to return. Sadly, her future becomes one of servitude, usually as a house maid, but all too frequently as a sexual slave to her new owner.
My take on this, Let us get on with educating the girl child. The African girl needs education to save her from situations like this.
Tears in my eyes. I cry for the many girls in my school who never make to middle or high school for reasons beyond them.


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1 Response to A daughter for a cow.

  1. eshibinga says:

    Wow, this is heart breaking.

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