Kenya’s Flag

The Kenyan flag
Every Monday morning
And Every Friday morning
At our School
We stand at Attention
We sing the Natninal anthem
And we raise our National Flag.
It is a symbol of a united country
It is not a symbol of beauty
It is a reminder
It reminds me of my sacred duty
black for the people
green for the land
red for the price of freedom
and white for peace in Kenya
my joy, my pride, my home
and the shield reminds me
that I am protected,
and that’s my flag,
the Kenyan flag.The national flag of Kenya has three colors ; black on the top, red in the middle and green at the bottom. The red band has white border on its two sides. These three bands are horizontally equal to each other. In the middle of the flag there is a Maasai warrior shield with two spears. This flag officially came into being on 12 th December 1963 and indicates to the Kenya African National Union. The black, red and green color signify black majority, freedom struggle bloodshed and natural recourses respectively while the shield is the symbol of protector of all these.


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