Using the Computer to locate Kenya

Our teacher took many hours teaching us how to use an Atlas. And so in the whole of our school we have one Atlas book. It is old. It was donated to our school with a missionary who was here 50 years ago.
What makes the Atlas book less useful to our class is because it has names of places which are not true. For example, in northern Kenya we have a lake called Lake Turukana. But the Atlas in our school refers to the same lake as Lake Rudolf. We took our teacher to task about that misleading Atlas. He told us, that names of places and boundaries keep changing. To get the current Atlas we have to keep buying newly edited Atlases which cost even more. An Atlas book is very expensive. A newly edited and updated Atlas can cost upto2,500 Kenya shillings.
But today during our IT lessons we were shown how to “google” the place called Kenya. We were amazed to see various maps, pictures, scales, wow! Everything about Kenya came up. Some kids in our class were able to take notes and draw the Kenyan Map. Google is better than an Atlas. It is free. All you need is a computer and internet. WOOOOOW!
This thing called googling is so nice. I want to google the word Eshibinga and see what comes out. I swill let you know.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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