Do Not Disturb. Exams in Progress.

This week at Eshibinga School we are doing exams. In Kenya we have exams called Continuous Assessment Tests (CATS). This exams are important to all pupils because at the end of the term, the marks are added to compute the final term results. But what is making the CATS of most importance this year is because our teachers will gather our English Language exam marks before we are introduced to the xo laptops and compare the marks we will get after introduction to the laptops. Jane, our sponsor in the USA, want to get data, on how use of IT and technology can improve grades in English language. So this week, we are busy taking our exams seriously. Shhhh! Silence. Do not Disturb. Exams in Progress.


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1 Response to Do Not Disturb. Exams in Progress.

  1. eshibinga says:

    Eshibinga, you are on top of the game! Go ! Eshibinga! I am as quilty as charged because it is taking so long to deliver the laptops! But keep rolling!

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