Electricty Coming to Eshibinga

Since the passing of the new constitution in the year 2010 accompanied with improved Political leadership, the East African Country called Kenya is making great economic strides. A person who was in Kenya five years ago will be shocked is he or she was to make a come back. Improved road net work, major developments in the ICT sector and now Rural electrification programme is in full force. Last week, a Kenya Power and lighting company was in Eshibinga laying electricity poles and wires. The main beneficiary of this electricity is going to be Eshibinga Primary and Secondary schools. This is because our vision is to turn Eshibinga village into a digital village via the xo Laptop programme.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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2 Responses to Electricty Coming to Eshibinga

  1. Gift says:

    What a lovely article. It is true that electricity has been connected in Eshibinga. This is important to this project.

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