Little green laptops in West Pokot region of Northern Kenya

When schools opened in Kenya three weeks ago, students at Eshibinga primary were looking forward to this new term with great enthusiasm. Computers, laptops, internet, digital photos etc, were the things on their little minds. One of the students, Master Tiberius Aloni, came with a newspaper cutting. It was an old newspaper, published on 14th December 2010. The article had catchy headline which exited everyone in standard Seven. The headline was.
“ The Little green laptops transforming lives in West Pokot”
Everyone in this class knows the geography of West Pokot. It s a dry semi arid region in Northern Kenya. Students in Eshibinga believe that West Pokot is not only backward in terms of economic and social development.
‘They still wear skins instead of clothes in West Pokot, don’t they?” asked Irene Odindo.
That shows you the notion we have here about West pokot. Yet, the story in the newspaper shocked all the students of Standard seven. The article stated how a foundation in the USA had donated 30 XO laptops to a remote school in West Pokot. It went ahead to state how those kids had learnt to use the laptops in class to calculate comples mathematical calculations, connect them with the outside world, and save pictures of their families and friends. The article mentioned that the green little laptops had helped those children in West Pokot enjoy coming to school and their academic performance had greatly improved.
“I thought those children in West Pokot are nomads. They move from place to place herding their cattle and sheep. What magic do those green laptops have to make them stay in school?” Saulo wondered?
“Wait and see. When our laptops arrive from the USA, we will discover the magic in the little green laptops.” Answered Mary Ann Musumba.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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