How to use an xo laptop

Good news is starting to stream in to the Eshibinga School fraternity. Jane, our link in the USA has written to Peter that she already has the first batch of the xo lap tops ment for Eshibinga. She is already having them sent to Kenya. The kids cheered on parade when this news was announced to them
Another piece of good news; Fred Juma is an xo wizard. He is in charge of an xo center in a city near Eshibinga. He has accepted an invitation to come to Eshibinga to train the teachers and the students on how to use an xo computer.
Things are now beginning to look brighter.


About Eshibinga digital village

I need to help kids in this village get connecteds
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1 Response to How to use an xo laptop

  1. eshibinga says:

    Wow! What side of the bed did Eshibinga village wake up to this year? Seems like it was just the right side. Pass the message on to the next village! lets light the fire!

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