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Our Teacher Hospitalized

Hi Everyone, The blog editor and initiator of the Eshibinga laptop project Mr. Amunga has been down with serious chest pains which the doctors claim is lung collapse. His left lung has been detected to have fluid that needs to … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb. Exams in Progress.

This week at Eshibinga School we are doing exams. In Kenya we have exams called Continuous Assessment Tests (CATS). This exams are important to all pupils because at the end of the term, the marks are added to compute the … Continue reading

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Electricty Coming to Eshibinga

Since the passing of the new constitution in the year 2010 accompanied with improved Political leadership, the East African Country called Kenya is making great economic strides. A person who was in Kenya five years ago will be shocked is … Continue reading

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Little green laptops in West Pokot region of Northern Kenya

When schools opened in Kenya three weeks ago, students at Eshibinga primary were looking forward to this new term with great enthusiasm. Computers, laptops, internet, digital photos etc, were the things on their little minds. One of the students, Master … Continue reading

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How to use an xo laptop

Good news is starting to stream in to the Eshibinga School fraternity. Jane, our link in the USA has written to Peter that she already has the first batch of the xo lap tops ment for Eshibinga. She is already … Continue reading

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Eshibinga school uses XO laptops to promote literacy skills

Eshibinga village in Western Kenya has all the hallmarks of a ¬†rural setting. The day starts with the cocks stretching their necks, ready for their morning wake up calls.¬† The cattle belch out their sickly morning groans ready to be … Continue reading

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